120+ Simple and Lovely Pink Nails

Do you want to have bonding moments with your kids this holiday season? Well, going to a nail artist will be the best thing that you can do together whether it’s a holiday or not. If you are wondering as to the veracity of this statement, read on.

Going to a beauty salon is great not only because you can talk freely with your daughter especially if she is already in her early teens but because you will have a break time for yourself for yourself too. But what are the things that you should ask your nail artist to do to your nails? Maybe you are thinking of designs that will be appreciated by your daughter. So that you wouldn’t spend much time in surfing the web just to have fantastic nail designs, here are the most stylish nail art that your kids will truly love.

Glimmering Nails for A Ballet Dancer

Once you tell your nail artist that you want your daughter to have a ballerina look then he or she would start painting her nails with pink. A cherry paint is also a great way to reflect an innocent smile on your daughter’s face as her nails show how young and vibrant she is. Usually, the nail artist would paint an oval design. It is a wonderful accent of the ballerina nail art.

Who says that ballerina nail art is just for little kids and teenagers? If you think you deserve to be pretty in pink in spite of your age, go on and feel pretty about yourself.

Let your nails sparkle in the soft tone of pink defining how tender your heart is. Let your youth exude out of the skin of your fingertips. Tell your nail artist to place a white paint at the edge of your nails as if it is a French manicure. This style will make you look stylish especially if you prefer pale outfits. Blend this nail art with soft-colored outfits. Once you wear a nail art like this you will surely look younger than your age.

Faces On Your Nails

Wondering how you can wear your heart out? Well you don’t need a sleeve just to do that. Just paint the feelings on your nails. If you are in a dark mood, then tell the nail artist to paint the saddest face that he or she can draw on your nails. Of course this is not a conventional option especially if you are sharing happy moments with your child in the beauty salon. But what if the two of you are mending your broken hearts because you lost a loved one, a favorite pet, or if your favorite basketball team lost in the Finals? Let the sadness show on your nails.

Express your feelings and don’t be afraid to show this to your child. Let the two of you experience the freedom as you enjoy the paints made by the nail artist on your fingertips.

Let your feelings glide with the music. Enjoy the songs playing on the air as you go out of the beauty salon with your child. Dance according to the rhythm of your laughter as you share this wonderful moment with your daughter.

Delia J.M